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.. is an informative site dedicated to people living in Kathmandu, visiting and planning to travel to Kathmandu and people around the world who are interest in Kathmandu and Nepal.

yalamandu.com collects and arranges freely available information on weather, market prices, flight information, exchange rates and current events related to Nepal and Kathmandu and presents in its own format. Most of the contents of the site are self updating. The content of this site if free to reproduce and reprint with proper attribution/credit or link-back.

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yalamandu.com thrives to widen the area of content with richer contents with regular updates to bring you the latest and correct information at all the time.

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  1. Can I please have your contact I am a student looking for some information.


    1. I would be glad if could be of any help.
      Please write to info [@] yalamandu [・] com