Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nepali New Year 2071: Nepali Calendar

Bikram Sambat and Nepali Calendar

Nepal is one of the rare nations that rejoices multiple new years in a single year because of various ethnic people living together in one small country. Among them Bikram Sambat, BS (or Vikram Sambar) is among the few that is recognized as the official calendar of the nation.

Bikram Sambat (calendar) starts on the 1st of Baisakh, which falls around the mid of month of April in Gregorian calendar. The calendar which is approx 56.7 years ahead of Gregorian calendar is luni-solar calendar, viz. it uses lunar months (names) and solar sidereal year (number of days). April 14, 2014 is the start of Nepali New Year, Bikram Sambat 2071.

Currently there are many sites and apps (for pc and mobiles) dedicated to provided information on this calendar, as well as date converters. However, if you are frequent Google calendar user, then the following Nepali Calendar (or follow link: add-on for Google calendar might be handy for planning your events in Nepal or according to Nepali calendar.

Happy New Year 2071!

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