Monday, October 14, 2013

Dashain and Rain

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2013 - a Wet Dashain

Due to the influence of cyclone Phailin, Kathmandu and many parts of Nepal from eastern region to mid-western region is facing incessant rain since October 13th which coincides with the Maha Nawami, the 9th day of the greatest Hindu festival of Dashain in Nepal. While October 14th, the most important day of the festival - Vijaya Dashami, recorded almost 44mm of rain. Thanks to the prolonging influence of cyclone Phailin, to dismay of many festival lovers Dashain 2013 has been the wettest Dashain in recent years.

We have a perception of dry weather and clear sky during the festive season of Dashain. However, looking at the trend of weather during the Dashain festival, it is not necessarily true. Except for year 2012 - a perfect dry Dashain, meteorological department of Nepal recorded rain to certain degree during the season.

Also looking at the recent years data, only the day of Trayodashi is a total dry day in recent years. Coincidentally, GFS models also suggest intesity of rain caused by Phailin to get lowered from October 16th onwards.

Rainfall data during Dashain in recent years.
data source: Meteorological Forecasting Division of Nepal
In Chart

Daishain day*
1: Ghatasthapana, 7: Fulpati, 8: Maha Astami, 9: Maha Nawami, 10: Vijaya Dashami, 15: Kojagrat Purnima


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