Saturday, August 31, 2013

Earthquake! 4.9 in Chongdui, China, Jolt felt in Kathmandu at midnight (August 30)

Kathmandu, August 31 People in Kathmandu were shaken awake by moderate jolt at around the midnight of August 30th. USGS estimates epicenter of the earthquake of magnitude 4.9 was located at Chongdui in China. However, official of National Seismological Center of Nepal refutes the report and claims that whether the magnitude of the quake is bigger or epicenter is located much closer to Kathmandu.

Official report of the earthquake for location of the epicenter and magnitude still not published, where as the official website of National Seismological Center is inaccessible for some technical reason at the time of posting.

Aerial distance and direction to the epicenter from major cities:
230km NNW of Biratnagar
160km North of Janakpur
77km NE of Kathmandu
194km East of Pokhara
425km East of Nepalgunj
573km East of Mahendranagar

Click here for more on recent earthquakes in Nepal.

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