Saturday, August 31, 2013

August weather trend in Kathmandu in recent years

August is the second most wettest month in Kathmandu, however, this month Kathmandu collected more rain than the month of July. It is not uncommon that Monsoon brings more rain during this month than the month of July in Kathmandu, which brings joy to farmers, and at the same time, it also causes water related disaster in Nepal, where disaster preparedness is virtually nil. Every year, due to floods and landslides caused by monsoon rain incurs damage to large amount of property and causes death of many human lives as well.

In terms of temperature, this year, the month remained about in average. The average maximum temperature of the month was about a degree higher than past 30 years average, however, it was in par with the average maximum temperature for the month in last 6 years. This month's average maximum temperature stayed at 29.1°C, whereas the 30 years average for the month is 28°C

August 4th and 23rd were the hottest days this month which recorded 31.2°C. August 18th, 2010 was the hottest August day in recent years with the maximum temperature of 32.6°C, whereas August 28th in the same year 2010, was the coolest day in which the mercury stayed within 22.8°C.

The average monthly rainfall in Kathmandu in August is 319.6mm. The maximum 24 hours rainfall recorded in the month was 105mm in August 9, 2010. This month the total rainfall was 429.6mm, that is above the monthly average. 2002 August was the wettest August in recent year, in which the total precipitation amounted to 500mm. As of the end of August, Kathmandu received total of 1,623mm of rain, which is already about 150mm more than the average annual rainfall. Should the coming month, September, receive average monthly rainfall of about 200mm, year 2013 will be among the wettest year in Kathmandu in 35 years.

Below comparison of August 2013 weather trend to past six years trend.

Daily averages

Daily Max

Daily Min

Averages and extremes

Number of warm and cold days

data: Meteorological Forecasting Division, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, World Meteorological Organization,

Monthly weather trends in recent years for other months:

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