Friday, April 12, 2013

Nepali Calendar (Happy New Year 2070)

Wish all our viewers a very Happy New Year 2070!

Bikram Sambat (BS), the official calendar of Nepal, is approximately 56.7 years ahead of international Gregorian calendar. The Nepali calendar is mixture of solar and lunar calendars. Gate (read ga-tey) or dates are based on solar calendar, whereas, festivals are based on lunar cycles - tithi(read tee-'thi).

The first month of the year in this calendar is Baisakh. Beside the first day of Baisakh as the official new year of Nepal, there are several other new years' celebrations at various time of year, celebrated by people of different communities in Nepal.

Add the calendar to your Google calendar by simply clicking the +Google calendar at the right bottom corner of the calendar or by clicking the link (case sensitive).

The calendar sits on your Google calendar. There is no need to install any extra apps or software on your device.

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