Sunday, April 14, 2013

Know your Kathmandu

Identify this temple!

Starting from this year (Nepali New Year B.S. 2070), will try to introduce various monuments from Kathmandu valley in photographs. Viewers can submit your answer along with the location of the subject (optional).

Check yourself how well you know of the valley and share unique information that only you know about this place with others!

The temple is located at the southern Lalitpur.

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Karya Vinayak Temple
Place: Khokana village, Bungamati (Lalitpur)

Extra info:
People offer prayer to Ganesh in this temple, once their passing rituals (bratabanda, wedding, janko etc) or important task is completed. Karya Vinayak is among the four major Ganesh in Kathmandu valley.

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