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April weather trend in Kathmandu in recent years

April is the month of hot-n-dry daytime and windy evenings with sudden thunderstorms. The day-night time temperature difference in this month is vast as much as 20°C.

This year, the month started with average weather, however, by the end of the first week of the month, the average maximum temperature was higher by more than 2°C than the past 30 years average, whereas the average minimum temperature just matched with the monthly average minimum.

The month of April in year 2009 and 2010 were the hottest compared to the rest in recent years. In those years, more days were hotter than monthly average max of 28°C than more than 20 days registered above 30°C. April 24, 2009 was the record high for the month with the daytime maximum temperature of 35.2°C. Whereas April 7, 2008 saw the lowest minimum temperature of 7.6°C. Similarly, this year, April 21st recorded the lowest maximum temperature of 16.2°C. In recent years, the average minimum temperature stayed 2° to 3°C above the average minimum for the month. However, this year (2013), so far the average minimum matches the monthly minimum of 11°C (this is bound to rise in coming days though).

Average monthly rainfall in Kathmandu in April is 61mm. The maximum 24 hours rainfall recorded in April was 74.2mm in Apr 1, 1991. April 2009 was the driest April with total of mere 11.3mm of rainfall. 2008 and 2010 also received just about half the average monthly rainfall. In rest of the years in the monthly rainfall in the month of April remained very much average in recent years. This year the total rainfall till the date is just 2mm.

Below comparison of April 2013 weather trend to past six years trend.

Daily averages

Daily Max

Daily Min

Averages and extremes

Number of warm and cold days

data: Meteorological Forecasting Division, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, World Meteorological Organization, yalamandu.com

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