Monday, January 21, 2013

January weather trend in Kathmandu in recent years

Though we have seen some record cold mornings in around second week of this month, the month of January 2013 can be considered to be in average compared to that in recent years.

The first week of the month started with average weather. In recent years, Kathmandu experienced merely a single day with sub-zero temperature. However, the second week of the month this year saw five consecutive days with mercury dive below zero degrees Celsius. On the morning of January 9th mercury reading was fully 2 units below 0°C, a record low in decades. On the other hand, the average daytime maximum temperature and extreme max (till date) is in average compared to that in recent years.

The month of January in year 2009 and 2010 were warmest compared to the rest. In those years, most of the days in January, daytime maximum stayed above 20°C. Average monthly max in these years were 4°C above and average monthly minimum were 2°C above the monthly averages for past 30 years. Jan 28, 2009 was the warmest day with 25.8°C, whereas, Jan 23, 2008 was the coldest day with daytime max of mere 10.5°C.

Average monthly rainfall in Kathmandu in January amounts to 14mm. January of 2007 and 2009 remained totally dry. Except for 2012 and 2013, total monthly rainfall in the month remained way below the 30 years average reading. This year, till the date, Kathmandu already received 10.5mm of rain.

Below comparison of January 2013 weather trend to past six years trend.

Daily averages

Daily Max

Daily Min

Averages and extremes

Number of warm and cold days

data: Meteorological Forecasting Division, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, World Meteorological Organization,

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