Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An alternative tour - Welcome to Patan

An alternative tour of a Newar city - Patan

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map above created based on the alternative tour map promoted by PTDO and LCCI.

On occasion of World Tourism Day, the historic city of Patan, (city of art - Lalitpur) with collaboration of Patan Tourism Development Organization, Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rotaract Club of Yala along with Step for Miles Nepal are organizing special program in Patan. On this occasion an alternative tour of inner city of ancient city of crafts and architecture is being promoted. Come, experience the inner city of Patan, this World tourism Day, not only as a tourist but also as a local visitor in Nepali/Newari way.. The whole lot of Newari extravaganza awaits you...

Enjoy a whole package of exciting events on Thursday (September 27th).

Please note that there are a list of events (Patan Tour, Cultural Programs, Deep Prajwalan and Handicrafts and Food Stalls) taking place on the World Tourism Day i.e. 27th September 2012, Thursday. Likewise, bicycle rally will be conducted on 29th September 2012, Saturday.

Details of PATAN TOUR:
Date: 27th September 2012, Thursday
Time: 8.30 a.m.
Venue: Nakabahil (@ 300m SE of Patan Dhoka)
Registration fee: Rs. 250 only (that includes)
  • Guided heritage tour at the inner city of Patan.
  • Cultural Program
  • Interesting food and handicrafts stalls in Durbar Square area.
  • Surprise gifts and door prizes to tourists who will visit Patan that day....

  • Read more about the tour


    Patan (Lalitpur) is one of the several Newari towns whose history, architecture and urban form are unique.This didn't happen bγ accident in fact until recently the development of Newari towns was controlled by traditional rules and regulations that were an extension of the Newari way of life. Despite modern development trends, evidence of these traditional controls can still be seen today.

    The purpose of this tour is to visit selected areas of Patan to see this evidence and to understand how and why modern ways of living are forcing Newari towns to change. The tour will pass through the areas of the town that are seldom visited. Features of traditional interest will be identified along the way.

    The changes, which you will see during the tour, are occurring due to:
  • The high cgst of land, resulting in the development of agricultural land.

  • Densification of the old town through encroachment.
  • Hereditary land subdivision and its impact in the old towns.
  • The demise of the guthis.
  • The high cost of traditional building materials, and loss of traditional building skills.
  • The value of old building skills.
  • The value of old building in relation to the needs and life style of today.

  • Lalitρur Municipality, which is working hard for the COnSerVatiOn Of mOnuments, as well as the preserbation of traditional Patan way of life, initiated thi5 tour to introduce historica Patan to the worl/d.

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Earthquake | M4.4 at Southern Rukum on September 17 at 3:31pm

    Kathmandu, September 18: National Seismological Center web portal reported an earthquake measuring M4.4 in Mid Western Nepal at 3:31pm on local time (9:46 UTC) on Sept 17th. NSC reported the quake was epicentered at Southern Rukum. This is the 11th earthquake above M4 scale recorded in the region in past one and half month.

    Exactly one year before a major quake recording M6.8 hit eastern Nepal at Taplejung-Sikkim border. The shock was felt hard in the center Kathmandu that terrorized people in the capital city as well.

    Click here for more on recent earthquakes in Nepal.

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    M4.9 earthquake hits Southern Bajhang in Western Nepal (July 11)
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