Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kathmandu Rainfall Watch

Monthly Rainfall
(updated daily at approx 18:00 NPT)

View Rainfall Data for Kathmandu this month in tabular format

Monthly Rainfall trend and number of wet days

Past 40 years Annual & Monthly rainfall pattern

Past 40 years Annual rainfall pattern vs 2015

What is the wettest month in Kathmandu?

- July (average monthly rainfall is 370.5mm with 22 wet days)

What is the driest month in Kathmandu?

- November (average 8mm of rainfall with just 1 wet day)

What is the maximum 24 hours rainfall received in Kathmandu and when?

- 177mm in July 23, 2002

What is the maximum monthly rainfall in Kathmandu and when?

- 591.5mm in July 2003

What is average annual rainfall?

- 1469mm

Which is the wettest year?

- 2013 (total annual 1938mm of rain)

Which is the driest year?

- 1991 (total annual 1068mm of rain)

What is average number of wet days in a year?

- 104 days (with 24 hour precipitation > 0.1mm of rain)

Is there any relation between weather / rainfall amount and load shedding in Nepal?

- Yes! Because most of the hydel projects in Nepal are based on Run-Off-River (ROR) type amount of precipitation highly influences power generation. Lesser rainfall yields longer load shedding hours in cold and dry season (winter - spring time). Note: load shedding pattern based on past 5 years data.
For more information on load shedding >> Click here

data: Meteorological Forecasting Division, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, World Meteorological Organization,

Month-wise weather trends in recent years:

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