Thursday, May 31, 2012

US Dollars hit all time high against Nepali Rupees

Kathmandu, May 16, The Central Bank of Nepal (Nepal Rastra Bank) sets Nepali Rupee at all-time low with exchange rate for one US Dollars at Nepali Rupees 85.79(Buying) / 86.39(Selling) for May 16. The fall of Nepali Rupees is followed by the fall of Indian Rupees against the greenback. The Hindu Business Online (India) cites that rising inflation and risk aversion by global investors who bet on the US currency as a safe haven in view of fresh euro-zone worries yield to the rise of dollar against the rupee. Nepali Rupees is pegged to Indian Rupees (INR) at NPR 160.00/ 160.15.

Update: May 31, US Dollar crosses Nepali Rupees 90 mark for the first time, the central bank sets USD at NPR 89.44 / 90.04 per US dollar.

Update: June, 23: Nepali rupees further slipped to NPR 91.28 / 91.88 per USD, lowest in history.

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