Monday, May 7, 2012

Human Casualties in Seti River Flood

Update: May 15, (Tue), Seti flash flood toll has risen to 28. Twenty six of the deceased identified. 37 still missing.

Unwarned flood in Seti River, Kaski triggered by avalanche at Mt. Annapurnas on the morning of May 5th has led to loss of human lives and many more still missing. Rescue is underway with a joint team of the Nepal Army, the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force carrying out a search operation in the flood-hit areas.

A flash flood triggered by a landslide near the Machhapuchhre mountain wreaked havoc, killing people and destroying property. The Seti river swept away dozens of houses, three suspension bridges and 11 vehicles. Road access and electricity in many villages, including Mirsa, Abang, Sadal and Bharabhuri, have been cut off in the wake of the disaster.

Updates from UN OCHA Humanitarian Support Unit Click here

Below, details of human casualties caused by the flood. The data is publicly editable at We pray for safety of those still missing and their rescue at the earliest.

publicly editable spreadsheet -

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