Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mangal News: Street that never goes dark anymore

Amid almost all negative news we hear, read or see everday, one good news to Kathmanduits. Although, the infamous load shedding (long hour power outages) is to stay with us for some more time, there are some area and streets that never go dark anymore. Whole of Patan Durbar Square area is illuminated with solar lamp posts and monuments illuminations. Besides, Yalamandu Post just mapped here about 2km 3km of such road in Lalitpur, starting from the UNESCO World Heritage site - Patan Durbar Square, and is pretty sure that the length of such road will increase.
Yes, the street mentioned here are lit by solar powered street lamps. More details to come ...

View Street that never goes dark in a larger map
Yalamandu Post tries to dedicate Tuesday (or Mangalbar) to post about some "Mangal News" (or good news) and things happening around

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