Thursday, March 22, 2012

Koreans bring light and warmth to Nepali village

Koreans help bathe Nepali village in light

The Nepal Solar Volunteer Corps celebrate their work in the remote Nepali village of Thingan.
(Nepal Solar Volunteer Corps)

Koreans have brought warmth and light to a remote Nepali village by installing solar power, as well as the country’s first ondol heating system.

The mountain community of Thingan used to plunge into darkness at sundown. But now village residents are enjoying brighter, warmer nights thanks to photovoltaic technology installed as part of the 10 million-rupee ($125,200) project.

A 26-person expedition, including professors and students from three Korean universities, visited the village in Nepal’s Makawanpur region to install a solar power lighting system.

The 5 kilowatt photovoltaic system included solar panels, inverters and charge controllers as well as 20 km of wiring for transmission lines and homes throughout the village.

Four LED lamps were installed in each home, with each household set to pay a small monthly user fee for the electricity. Hi-tech photo sensor switches were also installed on street lights to automatically turn them on at dusk and off when the sun rises.

The Korean team designed and funded the project, while villagers constructed a building to house the batteries that will store the energy harnessed from the sun. The structure includes additional rooms to be rented to locals for poultry farming.

The green technology was provided by Korean universities and the government through Korea’s National Research Foundation. Korean companies also supplemented volunteers’ personal donations, and Samsung donated 290 hi-tech LED lights.

The volunteers also installed Korean-style ondol in some homes ― the first time the under floor heating technology has been used in Nepal.

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