Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kathmandu architect chronicles a dying culture

Kathmandu architect chronicles a dying culture

KATHMANDU, Jan 27: It is said that the medieval era never really ended in Nepal, its historic towns and architectural jewels blessed by an unbroken continuity of life and ritual that links the present with the past.

The lasting image for tourists flying out of Kathmandu is of the multi-roofed pagodas of palaces and temples and the 16th century courtyards, which were once the basic unit of city planning.

But much of the capital´s ancient architecture will soon be no more than a memory, according to one of the world´s leading authorities, Niels Gotschow, as haphazard urbanization and a desire for modernity change Kathmandu.

"To put things into a book is an act of preservation because one day this will be the only way to remember," says Gutschow, who has dedicated the last four decades to chronicling and preserving Nepal´s architectural treasures.


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