Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekly temperature trend in Kathmandu

(updated twice daily at approx 6:30AM and 6PM NPT)

data: Meteorological Forecast Division, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Ministry of Environment, Nepal

Month-wise weather trends in recent years:

Kathmandu, Dec 3 witnessed the lowest maximum temperature for the season with max temp of 17.8°C, a sharp drop of 5°C compared to the previous day.

Update: Kathmandu, Dec 11 Along with arrival of Nepali month of Poush, Kathmandu witnessed the second wave of temperature drop to record the lowest minimum temperature of the season till the date. The minimum temperature dropped by 3 degrees Celsius compared to the day before. The minimum temperature recorded in the past 24 hours in Kathmandu was 3.8 degrees Celsius.

Earlier this season, an abrupt drop of 5 degrees of maximum temperature was recorded on Dec 3.

Update: Kathmandu, Dec 22 mercury further dropped in past 24 hours to minimum temperature 1.5 degrees.

Update: Kathmandu, Dec 31 the year 2011 wraps up with the lowest reading for the winter with mercury down to 1°C. KEEP WARM.

Update: Kathmandu, Jan 14 recorded the lowest min temperature of the season with with mercury down to 0°C.

Update: Kathmandu, Jan 16 recorded the lowest max temperature of the season. The mercury could not cross 13°C reading.

Update: Kathmandu, Feb 8 recorded the lowest max temperature of the season. The mercury stopped at 11.5°C reading. It was a sharp drop of 14°compared to the previous day, owing to the rain that downpoured in the valley almost throughout the day. Interestingly, the lowest temperature almost converged to the maximum temperature of the day at 9.5°C.

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