Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gold price drop by Rs 1300 per 10 grams overnight

Kathmandu December 15, Price of hallmark gold dropped by over Rs. 1,300 per 10 grams (or Rs. 1,600 per tola) over night to Rs. 45,310 per 10 grams (Rs. 52,850 per tola). The glittering metal was traded at Rs. 46,680 per 10 grams (or Rs. 54,450) on the previous day.

Update: Kathmandu, December 16, Gold price further dropped seven weeks low to Rs. 44,455 per 10 grams (or Rs. 51,850 per tola). (1 tola - 11.664 grams) data:negosida/negja

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  1. This post serves as my record for last year’s gold pricing. I appreciate it as a pawn shop owner. I am looking forward to the 2012 report update.

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